Star Gazing

At Glenlaurel, you can view the sky without urban lights to interrupt your view. We are located in an area that has one of the darkest skies in central Ohio. Therefore, each night you’ll have a wonderful chance of star gazing, watching a meteor shower, or maybe see a shooting star or two.

Instead of focusing on a computer screen, try gazing at the constellations, the Milky way, and the oh-so impressive meteor showers. A skyful of stars is a pleasant reminder that the universe carries on whether we notice or not.

Glenlaurel has an open field located near the fire pit, which has a wide-open & unobstructed view…perfect for stargazing and viewing the galaxy. Bring a blanket and your telescope and enjoy the wonderful view.

Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park were instrumental in the John Glenn Astronomy Park project. At John Glenn Astronomy Park can view the sun, stars, moon, and sky from a gigantic 28-inch telescope in the roll-off roof observatory. Prior to visiting the site, it is always best to verify events, programs, times, and days the sites is open.

Conkles Hollow State Nature Preserve has been named as a observing site by the Columbus Astronomical Society, but since the park is closed at night, a special permit is needed. Contact the Columbus Astronomical Society for membership information and more information,  

To track the astronomy and stargazing forecast, visit stargazing forecast