Hocking Hills

Hocking County is best known for the Hocking Hills, an area containing thick forests, cascading waterfalls, deep rocky gorges, and incredible rock formations. It has primarily been the process of surface erosion that has sculpted the beautiful Hocking Hills. The entire southeastern part of Ohio is considered Appalachian Highlands and the most interesting district in the Appalachian Highlands is the Hocking Hills. 

The Hocking Hills are simply magical – this region, with its stunning rock formations and cascading waterfalls, is a geological anomaly. When the last ice age moved through Ohio thousands of years ago, it missed this unique area leaving behind wondrous rock & waterfall formations that lays within the Glenlaurel Estate and the Hocking Hills State Park System. Its natural wonders are considered a well-kept secret by many writers and artists…and we welcome you to visit, to experience the magic for yourself.

The glaciers of thousands of years ago carved the Ohio Valley, and the ancient walls of the Hocking Hills were revealed. This erosion has resulted in fantastic rock walls, cliffs, and caverns that truly must be seen to be believed. Cooled by the nearby glaciers, the canyons of the Hocking Hills became an ideal microclimate for seedlings of northern flora released from the glaciers in their melting retreat. Hemlock forests and fern-filled wetlands would have bordered these glaciers until long after their retreat north. However, the Hemlocks themselves retreated southeast…into the cool, preserving climate of what is now Hocking Hills.

The state of Ohio bought thousands of acres and created six state parks. Within the Hocking Hills State Park system are Old Man’s Cave, Ash Cave, Cedar Falls (containing the largest tree in Ohio – a hemlock); Conkle’s Hollow (the deepest gorge in Ohio), Rock House, and Cantwell Cliffs…all located within a 10-mile radius from our property, which is a testament to the must-see natural wonder all around our fair Inn & Cottages.

Glenlaurel Inn & Cottages sits upon an estate of 140 acres that are truly a wonderful example of the wild natural beauty of the Hocking Hills. A dedication toward preservation in private ownership accounts for much of the respected woodlands that fill in the spaces between state parks, including the softly treaded canyon and mature woods of the Camusfearna Gorge. Our bed and breakfast offers guests three private hiking trails with views of the majestic Camusfearna Gorge and waterfalls, as well as 50-100’ rock faces. Our trails are far more secluded than the state parks, and offer a wee bit o’Hocking Hills without leaving the property.

For adventure enthusiasts and romantics alike, there are many great activities near our Rockbridge, Ohio location. From zip lining and kayaking to shopping and art museums, there is sure to be an activity for everyone.

To celebrate our connection to this natural part of the world and the leisure opportunities available in it, we welcome and invite you to view The Official Hocking Hills Tourism Association for a more comprehensive exploration of our beautiful Hocking Hills.