About Glenlaurel

We welcome you into the legend of Glenlaurel.

Our History: The original founder, Michael Daniels, broke ground in May of 1993 and the Manor and Carriage House facilities were opened on July 1, 1994. Croft construction began in November 1994 and the four original east crofts opened in the summer of 1995. The three west crofts and the six cottages in the Hamlet were dedicated July 8, 2001, which was also the seventh anniversary celebration of the opening of Glenlaurel. Michael wanted to honor his Scottish heritage by re-creating Laird Ceymus MacTavish’s Scottish Estate in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. In 2005, the property was sold to three Columbus business partners.

View the Glenlaurel Grand Opening article from the Logan Daily Newspaper in July of 1994.

Behind the Name: Glenlaurel takes its name from the Scottish usage of the word “glen,” which means a secluded narrow valley, and “laurel,” which is an evergreen found in abundance on the estate. Laurel Run crosses the property and Laurel Township is home to the Inn. 

The local topography is very hilly and broken by deep ravines and steep precipices as you can see for yourself in our own Camusfearna Gorge. “Camusfearna” is a Scottish phrase which means “it is the will-of-the-wisp that I have followed here.” When the original founder first saw the gorge, that phrase immediately popped into his head – and he knew that this was the land that he had been searching for.

Scottish Influence: You will find that each of our luxurious accommodations is named for one of the prominent clans or personalities of Scotland. From the MacKenzie Royal Suite to the Glasgow Dining Room and the ever-pleasing Old Course Pub, the presence of Scottish heritage can be found woven throughout every Glenlaurel visit.

Even the uniquely elegant architectural style of our buildings features a Scottish influence: the stone and stucco, dark timbered walls and wrought iron posts evoke the elegant atmosphere of a Scottish estate tucked away in the woods.

Be a Part of Our Legend: Glenlaurel is a must see destination; “A worlds away experience, one hour south of Columbus, Ohio.” We welcome you to add your story to our legend – book your escape today, and experience the magic.