Camusfearna Gorge

Glenlaurel opened in 1994, and since that time, it has grown from a wilderness area to a regionally known romantic getaway in southeastern Ohio. Glenlaurel takes its name from a Scottish usage of the word “glen” which means a secluded, narrow valley, and “laurel” which is an evergreen found in the abundance on the estate. Laurel Run crosses the property and Laurel Township is home to the Inn. The Land itself is magical and our Camusfearna Gorge is home to hundreds of birds, squirrels, deer, flora, fauna and geology.

Glenlaurel consists of 140 acres, which through the middle runs Camusfearna Gorge. The original owner chose the name Camusfearna out of the book “Ring of Bright Water” by Gavin Maxwell. The novel is about a man from Glasgow, Scotland, who extensively searched the north coast of Scotland for a place to raise his otters. After finding the perfect place, he was puzzled by the word on the hearthstone, “camusfearna.” Throughout the novel, the man searches for the meaning of the word. The word means “it is no wil-o-the-wisp that I have followed here.”

The local topography is very hilly and broken by deep ravines and steep precipices. The gorge, which is located on our private estate, is a timeless place that changes with every season. The heavily wooded series of walking trails, rock cliffs, and waterfalls showcase the most astonishing and beautiful trails, both on the Camusfearna Gorge Trail, the Highland Scott’s Trail, and Thistle Bluff Walk. These trails offer beautiful rock formations with 50-100 foot rock cliffs, caverns, two creeks, and waterfalls. The gorge trail is a leisurely 1 1/2 hour (half-mile) hike that has several breathtaking waterfalls and many other wonderful landmarks: Throne Court, Big Ben (a centuries-old pine), Turkey Point, Jurassic Crossing, and Dripping Rock Cave…just to name a few.

Many guests enjoy a hand-in-hand walk in our Camusfearna Gorge to view nature at its best. Walk or hike the trail, and you’ll see why so many guests come back each season to experience the beauty & serenity of this natural wonder.