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Planning for your wedding day should be just as much fun and just as thrilling as that memorable first date, not so very long ago. Here at Glenlaurel, the perfect venue for Hocking Hills weddings, we would love to help you create a day of relaxed celebration, centered on an intimate ceremony of commitment between two loving companions into the next chapter of their lives. In case "The Legend" is new to you and your family, allow us to introduce Glenlaurel, a Scottish Inn & Cottages. Located on a ridge overlooking our enchanting Camusfearna Gorge, the old world Manor House may be the perfect setting for your day of celebration--now and into the future. Not only do we invite you to be married here on the grounds, but we also invite you to return year after year as members of our Anniversary Club honoring your commitment to each other. If you do, you will join many other couples who annually return to "the home place."

Glenlaurel is an idyllic setting for romantics.Now, sit with your soul mate and discuss the wedding packages described below and imagine this story to be about a wondrous celebration with the two of you and your family & friends.

If you'd like us to help you refine your options, we'd be delighted to have you come for a tour and afternoon tea with one of our Hocking Hills weddings planners. Please call us at (800) 809-7378, with further questions and to make your reservation for a visit...or take a cyber tour. Let Glenlaurel be the place for your wedding, reception, dinner, or intimate celebration.

Above all else, have fun with your wedding journey!

  • Intimate Weddings

    Intimate Weddings are our specialty. No moment in your life is more special than your wedding day. Glenlaurel can help you create the wedding of your dreams. Whether your wedding is an intimate elopement for two or a more special event with a few family members or your closest friends, Glenlaurel will tailor your event to fulfill your every dream.

  • The Ultimate Elope

    The Ultimate Elope: This three-day luxury escape is the ideal way to elope.

    Glenlaurel delights two people in love with supremely luxurious accommodations among a romantic yet serene setting. We continue to pamper guests with the highest level of luxury and service. At Glenlaurel, leave your worries behind, because love is all you need.


  • Renew Your Love

    Renew Your Love: Recommitment/Vow Renewal...You may choose any of our beautiful wedding plans for your vow renewal.

    Glenlaurel offers an extra measure of romance and sensuality in exquisite luxury settings. 


  • Honeymoon Packages

    Honeymoon Packages: Just coming for your honeymoon? After months of detailed planning, the Hocking Hills wedding wedding of your dreams is over and the two of you, exhausted and exhilarated, are ready to be together like never before.

  • Romantic Honeymoon for Royals

    A Romantic Honeymoon Fit For Royals

    Experience the total relaxation of a Royal Romantic Honeymoon at Glenlaurel. Upon arrival in your quarters, a dozen red roses will set the tone for your honeymoon ahead.



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