4 Reasons You Need to Play Golf in Hocking Hills this Summer

4 Reasons You Need to Play Golf in Hocking Hills this Summer

Golf is one of the oldest and most enjoyed games; whether playing our Scottish Links course or just playing a round on any course this summer, we outlined four great reasons to play golf in Hocking Hills this summer.

1.    Exercise:

Playing golf can be excellent exercise, especially if you forgo the cart and walk. Depending on the course, walking eight or nine holes can hardly feel like exercise when you are having fun.

2.    Friendship/Camaraderie:

Many friendships grow and expand on the golf course even though it’s not a typical team player game. From congratulating a player on their impressive swing to offering kind words of advice, there are plenty of opportunities for players to bond out on the course. Some golfers experience a camaraderie that extends beyond the golf course and into other social situations, like sharing highlights of the round at the Nightly Pub Social Hour!

3.    Challenge:

Golf offers different challenges each time you play, whether you are on the same course or a different one. Each hole on the course is about a new challenge and improve your technique to play it well. You can also challenge yourself by using different equipment like at our Scottish Links Golf Course where you use 100-year-old hickory shaft clubs and special golf balls that travel 60% of the distance of regular golf balls.

4.    Character:

Any sport builds character, but during the process of the golf game, it provides a chance to be introspective. Learning how to cope with frustration, patience, and slowing down are traits learned on the golf course and helps build your character.

No matter the reason you decide to play golf in Hocking Hills this summer, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time on the green and we invite you to learn more about our unique course and make the most of your time with our ultimate golf package!