Relax this Fall with a rejuvenating spa treatment in Hocking Hills

Fall is a season that can be enjoyed inside and out, but after a great summer of adventures and travel—it’s time to relax and reward yourself with a spa treatment in Hocking Hills.

There have been many studies done on the benefits of massage therapy and it’s been proven that massage therapy is an effective treatment for reducing stress, aches & pain, and muscle tension.

The benefits of massage therapy might surprise you. Massage can boost the number of white blood cells which can help fight off infections. With cold and flu season approaching, this would be the perfect time to start a regimen of weekly massages. Instead of reaching a bottle of aspirin for your backache, try a back massage instead. It’s a drug-free way to feel better fast. Just make sure to get regular massages so there will be an on-going improvement. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll have a better attitude almost instantly.

We invite you to experience the benefits that our spa treatments offer… All in the comfort and privacy of your wee accommodation.

Find your favorite spa treatment in Hocking Hills:

The Bliss Massage

a deeply relaxing and stress relieving treatment with warm scented oils. It’s perfect for reducing stress, pain, and muscle tension.

Four-Handed Massage

A nurturing touch as two massage therapists work in unison to reduce your stress while releasing muscle tension for the ultimate in relaxation!

When life gets busy with work, kids, or aging parents—it’s time to squeeze in YOU time! As you plan your escape, make sure you stay more than a few days, that way you’ll be able to fully unwind and return home restored.