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4 Things You Need to Know About our Hocking Hills Golf Course

4 Things You Need to Know About our Hocking Hills Golf Course

Golf, as we know it today, originated in Scotland centuries ago. While we now enjoy heavily manicured greens and motorized golf carts on most typical courses, links golf or pasture golf can look a wee bit different.

Here are four things you need to know about links golf:

1. Why do you say "Golf, the way it was meant to be played centuries ago?"

Traditionally, Scottish golf courses could be between 5 and 25 holes. They let the land itself dictate the number and arrangement of holes, to create a challenging and interesting game using the available land. Courses that use this concept are referred to as "links golf" or "pasture golf."

At Glenlaurel, the rolling hills and waving grasses of our 8-hole Scottish links course evoke the feeling of being in the wild Scottish highlands – definitely an added bonus!

2. Why all the sand?

A links golf course is comprised of sand greens and sand tees. You can leave your spikes at home, because these unique "greens" are created by carefully oiling and raking a special blend of sand until it’s smooth and lightly packed. Sand greens are easy to walk on, and not at all like beach sand.

3. How do I play?

At Glenlaurel, we provide you with four hickory shaft clubs, links-style golf balls, and a scorecard. Links golf balls are specifically made to travel half the distance of regular golf balls. This makes them better suited for the intimate layout of a links course.

Using a sand tee (a small, cone-shaped steel mold) you create a small mound of the pliable sand in the tee box. This is where you tee-off from. Like any game of golf, the object is to get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible.

4. Can I yell "FORE?"

You sure can! When you yell “fore” before a swing, you’re warning those ahead of you to watch out. It’s good form, and good fun.

Join Us on the Links!

The next time you're in Hocking Hills, stop by and ask about our Scottish Links Golf. Bring your calendar - you'll need it to help plan your golfing getaway.

An Ultimate Golfing Package, for true golf fans – play 2 unique private courses on one great trip.

Pro Tip: Be sure to hit the 6 o'clock social hour in The Loch Ness Pub! It's a true "19th hole" experience, and it’s the perfect place to have a wee dram o’Scotch (or two) before your 7 o'clock candlelit fine dining experience.

4 Things You Need to Know About our Hocking Hills Golf Course 2014-09-04 2014

Tell us about your Glenlaurel golf experience! Send comments, photos and testimonials to, and they may end up on our Facebook or Twitter page.



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