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Indulge yourself at Glenlaurel's peaceful and relaxing estate. Transform a luxurious getaway into a healing retreat with a spa or wellness experience from Glenlaurel and choose the perfect treatment to create spa memories from Hocking Hills.  Whether you're vacationing in Hocking Hills or if you live and work nearby, revive your soul during all of your Hocking Hills getaways. We're dedicated to the restorative effects of the healing touch with the use of natural elements in our signature treatments. Call today to make your reservation.

Asian Foot Reflexology
Re-establish energy flow and enhance circulation (pressure points on the feet). $95.00

Cranio-Sacral Therapy
Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive, manipulative technique used to help the body move toward health and well-being by removing physical and emotional blockages. A light pressure on the spine, shoulders, and head improves circulation and reestablishes freedom of motion. Our trained practitioners will work on the subtle rhythms of the cerebrospinal fluid to assist the body in returning to its normal function. This is an excellent therapy for TMJ, migraines, whiplash, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain, stress, tension, and more. $100.00 

All natural and botanical spa facial. This facial treats every part of your face...and then some! $95.00

Personal Yoga
Yoga’s popularity has grown over the past few years. It unites the mind, body, and spirit. This one-on-one session introduces you to the practice of Yoga. Our Yoga instructor combines many styles: hatha, vinyasa, astanga, and kundalini. A class will be custom fitted to your need and level increasing your flexibility, strength, and overall health and also giving you tools to use at home. $75.00 

Reiki Session
Healing energy treatment. Reiki is proven to be extremely effective for stress reduction, deep relaxation, pain management, and detoxification, as well as stimulation of immune system to name just a few. This non intrusive method accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself by balancing your energy and bringing it in harmony with the universal life force energy. $100.00

What a relaxing Hocking Hills massage or spa treatment can do for you during one of your Hocking Hills getaways:

  • Stimulates the sensory receptors of the skin & deep tissue
  • Relieves joint ache & pain
  • Helps rid the body of toxins
  • Stretches superficial tissue
  • Assists lymphatic & venous flow
  • Increases nutrition to the cells & skin
  • Promotes good posture & self-esteem
  • Improves tone & texture of skin
  • Causes release of natural endorphins & promotes relaxation

Advance Hocking Hills massage and spa services Reservations Requested. We recommend that you schedule your appointment at least three days in advance so that we can meet your requests. 

To book one of our Hocking Hills accommodations, please call us at 1-800-809-REST (7378).



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